Our Story

It's not the destination that's important, it's the journey.

Meraki Home started with a passion for beautiful things and the determination to never be tied down. Life is too short to be doing something you don't enjoy. Our mantra is do what you love and do it often; never waste time doing something you don't want to do. 
In 2012 I quit my 9-5 job at the age of 21. I was determined not to spend another day dreaming about starting my own business but actually start doing something I loved on a daily basis.
Whilst working as a self-employed housekeeper for two years, I was able to gain control and flexibility over my time to complete a foundation degree in Interior Design, which I graduated with in 2014. With a passion for design and textiles I was lead down a path and became an interior soft furnishings maker, working and making curtains, blinds and bespoke cushions for many clients, whilst also attending local craft fairs selling my small fabric products and country cushions I was making in my spare time. I loved meeting new people, learning new things and really started to understand the ins and outs of becoming my own boss.  
Through work experience, I also discovered a new excitement for sourcing and curating interior products, fashion and giftware. A whole new world was brought into light when I realised my dream job; I decided I wanted to open my own boutique! The very concept was just meant to be. However, this boutique had to be different; it had to be flexible, moveable, innovative; something that sparked curiosity... 
After years of learning and gaining the experience I needed, in the summer of 2018 I took the plunge and bought a van! After searching for inspiration and researching ways in which I could make my dream a reality, I found an advert for a business for sale in London. Known then as Meraki Gift; owned by a wonderful woman named Nadia, the van was bright pink and teal with an urban edge. I fell in love with the entire thing! At this point in time though, I had my own business Artistry Of Interiors which I was buying the van for. Never the less, I decided to go ahead and buy the truck, gave it a new look and Launched Artistry Of Interiors. 
Artistry Of Interiors was most known for the handmade country style cushions I made but the van allowed me to expand my collections of quirky country interiors and gifts. We would travel to country shows, markets and fairs all over Wiltshire, Berkshire and Hampshire introducing everyone to the newest addition.
The business was just getting into it's stride when the chaos of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic hit. This was obviously devastating for us and many other small businesses. So, instead of having our busiest year so far, we were forced to close. I then spent the next 18 months trying to stay afloat, selling on facebook and working on lots of new projects to keep busy and creative. Lock down for me was at first, a welcome break from the tough and busy life I had been leading up until then, but it also took its toll on my mental health and was extremely lonely and confusing. Like so many people, it made me re-evaluate what I wanted to do and who I was. It actually provided the time for me to find myself and took me on a journey where I was able to open myself up to different experiences and learn a lot of new skills. 
You could say I went full circle, because in the late summer of 2021, after the effects of the pandemic were easing, I was faced with a decision; to go and get another 9-5 job or to give my business another go. Well considering you are reading this now you can guess what I did! I made a lot of changes, to myself and my business and came back fighting. We re-branded as Meraki Home - The Wandering Boutique and are now back on the road! The wandering boutique is back doing what it does best and I am too! 
So, with a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and many tears! and a scary 9 years on from where it all started, I am blessed to be able to say today that I am doing something I love full time! Meraki Home is my soul, creativity and passion all rolled into one. Everything I love is under our one little roof. The wandering boutique brings together a passion for travel, design, interiors, fashion, art and spiritual wellbeing, but most of all; freedom. 
Although it is still just me who manages the business today, I am often joined by family and friends who help and support me when the shop is on the move. We travel the UK popping up in our converted-van boutique in various locations, mainly in the South of England. We now embrace big festivals, travel further and have an online store! The wandering boutique gives us freedom to work when and where we want, whilst visiting lots of wonderful places and meeting so many people. It really has been one big adventure.
Our aim is to continue to grow as a business and spread our love for bohemian fashion and homewares as far and wide as we can, whilst enjoying a mindful & nomadic lifestyle. We take pride in being an independent boutique who can bring one of a kind pieces to our customers that highlight the natural beauty that can be found in every day life. We carry handmade and fair trade products as well as supporting other small local businesses by carrying their products in our store. Showing our support to other businesses is very important to us as they make up so much of our community and bring quality and individuality to our lives.
One day our paths might cross and we will have the chance to meet, and if we do I hope we can inspire you to start living your best life too. And remember, the end goal is allowed to change, it really is the journey; what we learn and experience in between, that counts.
 - Owner of Meraki Home